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Amarex was founded in 1998 by Dr. Kazem Kazempour and Ms. Sally Breisch, who came from diverse backgrounds in academia, industry and the FDA. During their earlier work together at an international pharmaceutical company, the two recognized many inefficiencies and deficiencies in the management and conduct of clinical trials, particularly with the services provided by CROs. Wanting better standards, Dr. Kazempour and Ms. Breisch revisited the clinical trial process and developed improved methods for the industry with the start of a new CRO. The team developed processes and procedures that directly impact the time and cost of clinical product development.

Their vision and goals for providing unmatched value to sponsors continue to make Amarex different from other CROs. We:

  • Provide experienced leadership team members and staff for every project
  • Optimize time and cost while being efficient and effective
  • Build true collaborative partnerships with our clients
  • Commit to a long-term client relationship and achieving the best possible outcome

Dr. Kazempour remains President and CEO of Amarex. He developed the philosophy that successful trial management requires a collaborative partnership with the FDA. Dr. Kazempour (a former FDA reviewer) often acts as the lead biostatistician for all trials and plays an active role in preparing FDA presentations.

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    Market Approvals

    We have helped sponsors obtain market approval for 25 products.
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    Meet our leadership team and learn more about their expertise and commitment to advancing clinical product development.

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